About US

The Muslim Democrats and Friends (MDF) Club is a political action committee (PAC) chartered with the Alameda County Democratic Party. Our mission is to engage the Muslim community in the political process by registering them to vote, holding our public officials accountable, and hosting government officials. We envision a world free of injustice, bias, and hatred for all.

In this crucial time in our country’s history, MDF has answered the Islamic call to action. Following the teachings of the Quran which says “stand firm in justice, even against yourself or your parents (4:135)” we work tirelessly with public officials and the community to ensure that our representatives are serving us, not corporations. In line with the Democratic Party, we support the fight to increase the minimum wage, make college affordable, address the immigration crisis, and address the impact of climate change. Together we will hold government officials accountable and fight for our collective liberation. #nobannowall #powertothepolls #mymuslimvote

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